Simposio di metà progetto

Madonna di Campiglio
19 - 20 - 21 gennaio 2004

19 gennaio 2004

8.30 - 10.00 – Routing

M. Baglietto, R. Bruschi, R. Bolla, F. Davoli, R. Zoppoli
Neural approximation of team optimal dynamic routing strategies in IP networks (pdf)

A. Capone, L. Fratta, F. Martignon
Analysis of dynamic QoS routing algorithms for MPLS networks (ps, pdf)

F. Ricciato, U. Monaco, M. Listanti
On-line routing of MPLS tunnels with time-varying bandwidth profiles (pdf)

10.00 - 10.30 – Pausa caffè
10.30 - 11.00 – Relazione ad invito

C. Diot
Exploiting network availability in service differentiation

11.00 - 12.00 – AQM

M. Barbera, F. Licandro, A. Lombardo, G. Schembra, G. Tusa
DARED: a double-feedback AQM technique for routers supporting real-time multimedia traffic in a best-effort scenario (pdf)

G. Neglia, D. Bauso, L. Giarrè
AQM stability in multiple bottleneck networks (ps, pdf)

17.00 - 20.00 – TCP

S. Mascolo
Modeling the TCP/IP flow and congestion control using a Smith controller with input shaping (pdf)

P. Giacomazzi, L. Musumeci, G. Verticale
Transport of TCP/IP Traffic over Assured Forwarding IP Differentiated Services (ps, pdf)

G. Neglia, G. Bianchi, V. Falletta
An analytical model of a new packet marking algorithm for TCP flows - preliminary insights (ps.gz, pdf)

M. Barbera, A. Lombardo, G. Schembra, A. Trecarichi
A fluid-based model of time-limited TCP flows in a Diffserv environment (ps.gz, pdf)

R. Bolla, R. Bruschi, F. Davoli, M. Repetto
A fluid model for aggregate TCP connections (pdf)

M. Ajmone Marsan, M. Franceschinis, P. Giaccone, E. Leonardi, E. Schiattarella, A. Tarello
Using partial differential equations to model TCP mice and elephants in large IP networks (pdf)

20 gennaio 2004

8.00 - 10.30 – MPLS

G. Conte, P. Iovanna, R. Sabella, L. Alcuri, M. L. Fasciana, F. Saitta
DiffServ over MPLS: solutions and a performance evaluation tool (pdf)

G. Carrozzo, S. Giordano, G. Giorgi, F. Rossi, F. Russo
A centralized path computation system for GMPLS transport networks: design and performance studies (ps.gz, pdf)

G. Carrozzo, S. Giordano, G. Giorgi, F. Russo
Evaluation of bandwidth-dependent TE metrics in a GMPLS path computation system (ps, pdf)

G. Carrozzo, N. Ciulli, S. Giordano
Multi access inter domain architecture for QoS provisioning in MPLS/DiffServ networks (ps.gz, pdf)

P. Iovanna, M. Settembre, R. Sabella, G. Conte, L.Valentini
Performance analysis of a traffic engineering solution for multi-layer networks based on the GMPLS paradigm (pdf)

10.30 - 11.00 – Pausa caffè
11.00 - 11.30 – Relazione ad invito

R. Gaeta, M. Gribaudo, D. Manini, M. Sereno
An analytical modelling technique for computing transfer time distributions in peer-to-peer networks (ps.gz, pdf)

11.30 - 12.30 – Modelli di traffico

L. Muscariello, M. Mellia, M. Meo, M. Ajmone Marsan, R. Lo Cigno
An MMPP model of internet traffic (ps.gz, pdf)

E. Costamagna, L. Favalli, F. Tarantola
Characterization and modeling of IP and protocol specific internet traffic using chaotic attractors (pdf)

17.00 - 19.00 – Esperimenti

R. Albanese, A. Bosco, A. Botta. P. Iovanna, A. Liburdi, M. Listanti, U. Monaco, F. Ricciato
Experience from implementation of a distributed MPLS-TE control plane in the TANGO testbed (pdf)

G. Carrozzo, N. Ciulli, G. Sergio, F. Mustacchio, G. Giorgi, G. Procissi, S. Giordano
MPLS/DiffServ interworking: preliminary functional and performance tests for TANGO project (ps.gz, pdf)

R. G. Garroppo, S. Giordano, F. Mustacchio, F. Oppedisano, G. Procissi
A soft real-time measurement system for a Diffserv over MPLS edge router (pdf)

Coritel, CPR and University of Pisa
Test-bed demonstrations

19.00 - 20.00 – Gestione del progetto

21 gennaio 2004

8.00 - 10.00 – Ottimizzazione

E. C. G. Wille, M. Mellia, E. Leonardi, M. Ajmone Marsan
A simple methodology for IP network design with end-to-end QoS constraints: the VPN case (ps, pdf)

R. Bolla, R. Bruschi, F. Davoli, M. Repetto
Analytical/simulation optimization system for access control and bandwidth allocation in IP networks with QoS (pdf)

M. Tornatore, G. Maier, A. Pattavina
Variable aggregation in the ILP design of WDM networks with dedicated protection (ps, pdf)

S. De Patre, G. Maier, A. Pattavina
Design of static WDM wheel networks under various traffic conditions (ps.gz, pdf)

10.00 - 10.30 – Pausa caffè
10.30 - 11.30 – Algoritmi QoS

L. Alcuri, M. L. Fasciana
Transport service for session initiation protocol in SIP-T scenarios (ps, pdf)

G. Mardente, M. Mellia, C. Casetti
Admission control and path allocation for SLAs in DiffServ networks (ps, pdf)

11.30 - 12.00

A. Lombardo
Proposta di un tool prototipale per il dimensionameto di una rete IP multiservizio

17.00 - 19.30 – Wireless

E. Costamagna, L. Favalli, P. Savazzi, F. Tarantola
Performance analysis of TCP traffic over UTRA-FDD channels (pdf)

N. Celandroni, E. Ferro, F. Potortì
Goodput optimisation of long-lived tcp connections in a faded satellite channel (ps.gz, pdf)

F. Martignon
Improving TCP performance over wireless networks using loss predictors (pdf)

M. Casoni, M. L. Merani
Congestion control in wireless environments: simulation and experimental assessments (pdf)

U. Manzoli, M. L. Merani
Throughput and delay analysis of a 3G radio link control protocol on a multicarrier DS-CDMA system (pdf)

19.30 - 20.00 – Software libero in TANGO

F. Potortì
Free software and research: a rationale and a tutorial (presentation, ps, pdf)